Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

As I said Friday, I really wanted to find the perfect picture of my Dad to post here on Pillsplace to wish him a Happy Father's Day. I did this with my mom for Mother's Day, showing you a lovely platinum blond is a gorgeous wedding dress sitting in a sweet chair. Drum roll please.........I figured it would be only fair to also give you a picture of my dad with his flowing platinum hair wearing a gorgeous dress! Before you all start getting concerned, my Dad was Shirley Temple for Halloween one year. This is how I think of him. The tall goofy redhead with freckled arms that would do most anything for a laugh. Unfortunately, I couldn't just stop at one goofy picture....sorry Dad.Lucky for me this is not how I think of my dad. The tall goofy red head in the goofy pants is harder to swallow than him wearing a dress. Check out that sweet bbq! Well, if you can pull your eyes away from those pants that is.

Happy Father's Day Dad!


windhula said...

Love those pants!

Sarah said...

Those pants are amazing! You know somewhere some teenager has those pants in their closet ready for some 70's party!

Anonymous said...

aww mr.severson!!



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