Saturday, June 06, 2009


Sometimes as one gets older one notices that things just don't look right. You might start to get bored with your looks and so you change your hair, lord knows I've done that a time or two! You might start to feel old and so you go out and get yourself a little face lift. I've really been feeling a combination of both, old and boring. So, I called in the troop and got some help!

After 3 years I finally have a custom looking blog! Thanks to the face lift by Peptogirl I am feeling young and revived again. The banner is absolutely adorable and what I have always wanted. Now, you might be looking at it and trying to figure it out. Why is there is bug on Pillsplace? Well, the hubby is the man of nicknames. Typically he can't know you for more than a week without calling you something. This might be something simple, just a variation of your last name or it might be something a bit more Pisspants. A name that will make you wonder for years.."Uh, did that guy piss his pants or something?" In the almost 11 years that we have been together I have had a million nicknames. Too many to count or fill a post with. The two that stuck the most were ladybug (still called bug by many of the hubby's friends) and pillworm. I always liked pillworm for some reason and this evolved into my standard nickname of P. I got pillworm because when I got in bed the hubby thought I curled up like a little pillbug....or rolly polly as some may call them. So, now I have my pillbug curled up in bed knitting!

So, I hope you enjoy my new face lift. To celebrate we are going to have a little contest. This is open to friends, family...EVERYONE that reads the blog. All you have to do is leave a comment with your nickname. If you are a friend of the hubby, then let me know what he calls you. I know I have alot of people that feel like it's too hard to comment on blogger so to make it easy, just click on the Anonymous comment option and leave your name in the body of your comment and a way to contact you if I don't know you already. You will win a custom scarfette by Bouton Blue! You choose the color, the style (standard or bowtie) and the button. If you are a dude and don't want a scarfette we can do a studette or a hat insead!

Deadline to comment is Friday, June 12th at 12pm PST. Good luck and I can't wait to read your nicknames!


Debbie said...

The new logo is absolutely adorable!

Sarah said...

New Facelift looks great! Though your black blog was the inspiration for Kate's. Speaking of Kate, I think the only nickname I have is from her. Sometimes I whisper in her ear, "I love you so much Katiebug," and she whispers back, "I love you Mommybug sooooo much."
~Mommybug ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm disqualified, I have never met Bill, but he's a kindred spirit, me and a friend have given EVERYONE nicknames for years, 20+ years we've worked together and are friends, thought I would share a few, seriously, it's like we talk code, we never use the real names of the people listed below, it's great for talking at work; very covert ;-)

Milton [think office space]
Britney [he's a guy]
Dragon Wagon
Mac [Machiavellian]
TWA [tight wad attitude]
LDW [long drink water]
BSB [pronounced biz-bee]
Mama Stubbs
Lady E
LT [long talker]
Nessie [Lockness Monster]
Mr. Rogers

just a smattering. . . . .

I'm 800 and my friend is 900, once we got Kim involved in one of our "missions" and Kim was nicknamed Agent 99

Kim's Aunt Dawn

Pink Petunia Designs said...

I love the new layout and the pic is perfect. I always wondered where pill's place came from? So I have had a few nicknames in my life. My Aunt Julie who is Italian always has called me Deberino and my husband calls me "Woman." Sad but true. LOL.

Roseanne said...

I love it! Looks great! The only time I had a nickname was when I was in High School and my fellow swimmers called me Rocky. Can't remember why....


Peptogirl said...

Okay, okay. I thought maybe I'd be ineligible. lol. My nickname is easy - Peptogirl. It started when I was in college and working as a student assistant for the state. Some of the other students notices I wore pink A LOT so one day one of them called me Peptogirl. And it stuck!

In high school I was known as Woody. This was because I love Toy Story and had the toys from Burger King. Well, one "girls night out" I brought the toys out for pizza and told the girls I had something to tell them in a serious voice. "I have a Woody," I said. Then I brought out Woody and Buzz! lol.

Carol Browne said...

Exciting! I love the new look for your blog.

My nickname is, well, Carol. Short for Carolyn. Not very exciting or anything, but that's it.

Quilting Diva said...

Hi! I found your link on etsy :)

Nickname..... Does Mom count???

My friends call me QD :) lol

Rain said...

Your facelift is awesome! As for nicknames I have a million...all depends on whos talking to me. Most commenly it's Rain the second part of my name (LorRain). Nana from my grandma, Boobles from my sister, the bf likes to call me Goose because I'm a silly goose to him. My best friend calls me Dirty Girl (She's Bad Girl). We won't say what my parent's nick name for me's too cruel! Tiza by my niece & godchildren, it's a special way of saying Tia (Spanish for Aunt). I know there's others, but these are the most popular in my list of nicknames!

taylah_ said...

aaw, pillworm, cute!
Well, my nickname is really weird. I don't know how I got, why I got it, or what it means. But My friends call me 'likity'. sometimes likity splitz, or just spiltz/lik. It's strange, but fun. =P

Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

Love the new make over! And yes, Amy is a genius - she did my logo for Evie's Ark!

My nickname? Well, Evie, of course! And no, I won't tell you my real name! Very few people know it. But my best friend gave me the nickname Evie when we were about 12 or 13 and it's stuck all these years!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I should pony up my own nickname. Growing up, my nickname was "MY." Apparently it came from My wants a drink of water, My wants a sandwich but mostly it came from when I would go in and bother my older brothers and sisters, I was the youngest of 5, and after disrupting their room/friends, I was asked to go to my room, the story goes I would cry all the way down the hall [very dramatic] then when I got to my room I would make a sudden U turn and say "My be good, My be good." I was allowed to come back and play with my siblings and in no time, I was sent to my room again. Same scenario, no sooner did I get to my room, I would turn around and say "My be good." I was called My until my teens. That's when I knew I was officially growing up :-(

Also, Shaun, Kim's brother, has always called me Aunt Wan, never could say Aunt Dawn when he was little, I'll always be Aunt Wan to him.

Dawn aka My
Kim's Aunt

Anonymous said...

Well now i understand where Pillworm came from, kinda thought it might be a "Billism".

My nicknames are pretty easy to figure out, variations of Kerri Ker, Ker Bear, Kerri Berri, my dad always called me punk (short for punkin').

My daughter (Abigail) has a bunch of fun nicknames
Abster Cadabster, Abigator, Abigail McGails, McGailies, and schnooker just to name a few...


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