Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dress or skirt?

I have this dress that I got to take on my honeymoon in Mexico. I really like it, but it's one of those tie around the neck kind and if you know me you know that this is not something I can pull off without a bra...and a shirt underneath. If you don't know me, well you now know that the girls are on the larger side. Pleased to meet you.

This past weekend I decided to wear the dress and just rolled the top portion down so it was a long skirt. It worked, but I definitely felt very bunched up. So, I took matters into my own "mad sewing skills" hands!

I started by cutting off the top portion just above the elastic. I wanted to keep the elastic there in hopes that it would help it stay on some. Then I rolled the dress down inside so the cut edge was on the inside of the dress. I wanted the top to have a cuff though so I rolled it back out, just above the cut edge. I pinned it all around and started sewing. To keep it all in place I sewed three times, one at the top of the cuff, one in the middle (on top of the elastic) and one at the bottom so my cuff wouldn't roll up. Voila...instant long skirt. I was feeling camera shy so you just get a picture of the waist cuff..sorry. It's not beautiful but I don't tuck shirts in so you'll never see the top portion!

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Melissa said...

Glad to see that you got to put those sewing skills you learned in your sewing class to good use!
See, you really are crazy talented just like your mommy-dearest!


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