Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't marry young!

I've kept some sort of journal for most of my life. That's probably why blogging mostly daily works pretty well for me. At times it's fun to pull journals down to read through them and see what was going on at a certain time in my life. I was doing just that this week when I ran across something that had to be shared. It appears that back in 1998 I had some sort of wedding catalog in my hands and decided that this would be a fantastic dress..Yep, a flag dress. Oh, and definitely with red shoes because nothing caps this dress off like a pair of red shoes! What the heck?! Did I think I was marrying a government official or something. This is why you don't marry young. At 23 I thought it a good idea to marry in a gigantic flag. In my 30's I knew a cocktail dress and a wedding party in jeans would be sufficient. I can't imagine how I would have worn my hair with this number!


Carol Browne said...

Your hair would have to be worn in a great big beehive up-do. The topper to this crap-tastic dress!

johnna said...

At the ripe age of 20, I thought that a white wedding dress with a peplum, shoulder pads, deep "v" back, and slim skirt would be the epitome of glamourous - much like this one but with hand beading and a much more dramatic peplum with a point in front and back:

Oh... and with a removable train, of course!

I still love it, though... probably because my mom and I designed it together, she sewed it and my sisters, mom, and I did all of the beading. It's still in storage... maybe I'll figure out what to do with it one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you were channeling the future first daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush although even Jenna didn't wear a red, white and blue wedding dress. All I wanted was a wedding dress like Princess Di's. Now I look at those sleeves and cringe. They remind me of the balloon valances that are stuffed with tissue paper.

My sister, Danette, married in '84 and she recreated Di's flowers she carried down the isle, including the rosary threaded throughout the flowers. It was beautiful but now looking back, a little "over the top."

Note: the wedding dress has not deterred me one bit from being a forever Princess Diana fan.

Signed, [Aunt] Dawn Alsion Diana Leytem, hey another nickname [Diana added by my parents], I knew I was in trouble growing up when I heard Dawn Alison Diana Leytem

PS Never married so I guess that's one way to detour the worry of my wedding dress, dang it! I missed out on the worry that every beautiful bride must endure.

Did mention I love your blog. How do I start one?


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