Monday, June 08, 2009

Call me Betty Crocker

A while ago I was given this little weekly meal planner that sticks on the fridge. It basically has the days of the week on it and you can write in what you are going to eat that night. Now I love to cook, but I am terrible about taking stuff out for dinner and forgetting about it until it goes bad. I'm also bad at leftovers. One day about 3 weeks ago I had taken some meals out and decided to fill in this little planner instead of just using it for random notes. It's the best thing I've ever done! In the 3 weeks since doing it we have only gotten take out for dinner twice. It saves a bunch of money and I have been using the leftovers in different ways in later meals.

Now my Sunday ritual is to look in the fridge and see what we have and start filling in the planner. Then I start to make a grocery list to fill in the blanks. It's nice because most of the time I only have about 10 items on the list!

This Sunday I decided to fill the list by going to Trader Joe's. I really love the store and although there is one close to my house I rarely go. That is all about to change! The food is so nice and it is definitely cheaper in most cases than the grocery store. While I was there I picked up their newest insulated bag so I'd have something to put the cold stuff in, and let's be honest, it was just too darn cute! I think I now have enough of these bags to grocery shop for an army so I am not officially going to put them all in the car and take them to the store with me all the time.

Oh, I've also been eating lunch out only once a week! Last week someone else treated too so that was an added bonus. I know I made all these rules back in January but it just took me a while to get it kick started. It's also been 2 months since I have had soda or caffeine for that matter! Woot Woot!

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Melissa said...

SUPER cute bag!!
Kudos for doing so well on your meal planning!
I should be so organized, but unlike you, I h.a.t.e. to cook with a passion! Bummer for my family, huh? LOL!
Keep up the good work!
More money saved on food stuff, means more money to spend at Thrift stores!! Woot! And, honestly, isn't THAT what it's all about???
(Do the hokey pokey, and turn yourself about...sorry, couldn't help myself. :0P )


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