Monday, May 04, 2009

Yum Yum!

One of my favorite vendors at craft fairs are Oli's Products. Debbie has a gluten allergy and she and her husband Mike make delicious sauces. When I first saw them they just had a their sweet and spicy sauce, but the line has been branching out and now includes salsas and spaghetti sauce. Oli joined us for IndieSac and I was super excited to buy some of the new spaghetti sauce. On Sunday I had a craving for pasta at lunch so I boiled some noodles and dumped the sauce on top. Now typically when I buy jarred sauce at the grocery store I have to add stuff to it because it's typically pretty gross. Oh man, this was not the case with the Oli sauce! It was delish straight out of the jar and I was instantly bummed out that I didn't buy more. Lucky for me I have a special delivery of 6 jars coming this week. I don't think I'll ever buy grocery store sauce again! Oh, and I don't even like mushrooms but still think this is the best sauce ever.


Debbie said...

Glad you liked the sauce! And you don't even like mushrooms, that's impressive!

Mike said...

We're so stoked that you love the pasta sauce! We love it, too ;) Can't wait to expand the line-up. Got any suggestions? Let us know!

Olinda said...

Awesome, I love hearing feedback. My first taste was the same. OMG, I put it with Asian rice sticks and I ate it all up! It is also good on Boton Cal Rose rice;if you want something quick. Just use left over rice and sauce it with the mushroom sauce and its great!
Thank you for trying our GF foods and we are glad you enjoy them.


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