Sunday, May 03, 2009


Yesterday after IndieSac I was BEAT! I wanted to come home and run straight to bed, but decided that if I didn't unload the truck I would never do it. So, the hubby and I started unloading all the craft supplies. Once the truck was all empty I noticed something on the floor board. It looked like a piece of cardboard or something. was something all right. Upon closer examination this it what I saw.Needless to say I dropped it quickly and screamed like a little girl. Oh, I knew it was dead but was freaked out none the less. I guess I must have picked it up the park. Ewww.

I know all of you are grossed out yourselves and thinking "Do I really want to read this blog?" So, I thought to end things I'd tell you a little story. See this snake reminded me of something and if you are my friend Kim you know exactly where I am headed right now.

In my early 20's (probably 10 years ago..yikes!) my girlfriend Kim and I rented a house together. It was a great house and I think we were both really proud of it. I think we both knew right away it was a great house to have gatherings in. It was roomy inside and had a HUGE backyard. Only problem was the backyard was a bit jungle-esque. So, before our housewarming party Kim and I went outback to bust our butts getting the yard all cleaned up. I was sweeping up and let out a little yell. Kim came over to find out why. Well I had found a snake. It was all curled up in a circle. Right away I realized that the snake was dead and poked it with the broom just to make sure. At that point we decided that it was pretty cool looking and we would put it inside in a plant and possible scare someone at the party. It was such a brilliant idea.

Later that night our friends Chris and Danny were sitting next to the plant. Kim says "Hey, did you see our new pet..he's in the plant." One of the guys picked it up (I can't tell you which one cause my memory is now failing me) and Kim said it was our new pet and we were calling him Fred (this may not be the name because again my memory is failing me.) We then start telling the story of how we found our fossilized friend in the yard and blah blah blah...the snake gets passed around the WHOLE ROOM. It finally lands in Danny's hands. Danny says "Well, I don't know why you would name it Fred when it should clearly be named China."

"China," we say, "why would we want to name it China?"

"Well, because it says China right here on the bottom!"

Needless to say our big plan to play a joke on our friends ended up being a big joke on us because the damn thing was a toy. He he, that story still makes me laugh. I wish the picture above was a toy.

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Sarah! said...

Oh my God VOMIT.


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