Friday, May 22, 2009

Where's Mary Poppins....

when you need her? My house has been in DIRE need of serious spring cleaning. I always keep a pretty clean house, but I don't do detail cleaning very often. I took today off to do just that. I rolled my butt out of bed and got to work at 7:30am....I just finished 20 minutes ago. That's 9 hours of cleaning! My body feels like it has been cleaning for 9 hours. I managed to get rid of 4 HUGE trash bags of stuff. Then came the dusting, the sweeping, the mopping, the windows, the laundry and on and on and on. I seriously think I swept up at least an entire dog or two. My next dog is going to be one of those hairless things. I don't know how a dog can emit this much hair. I feel like I just had a 9 hour boxing match with dust bunnies....I'm happy to say I'm the heavy weight champion.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

So, now that you know how it is done, and clean so well, you are welcome to come over to my house and do a 9 hour session here!
Should I pencil you in for this Sunday?


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