Sunday, May 10, 2009

We interrupt this broadcast.....

for some more information! A couple questions have come in about the tattoo so I thought I would take just a moment to explain. I knew questions would come up, and I know that I will spend time the rest of my life answering "Um, is that a hanger?" or "Are you a dry cleaner or something?"

For those of you that have seen the movie Mommie Dearest it will make a bit more sense. Although, on that note you are now imagining my mom has had some sort of baby powder wire hanger rampage. That is not the case at all. Growing up though my mom was never a fan of the wire hanger. There were numerous occasions where we would swap out the laundromat hangers for plastic ones. Thus, I started calling her Mommie Dearest.....Mommie D for short.

I obviously like tattoos. I have no intention of covering my entire body and with each one I get I do think "this is it." At the same time, there have always been two tattoos that I've wanted to still get. One was in tribute to my mom and one would be in tribute to my child once I have one. I knew at some point I would get the wire hanger tattoo as a reminder to me of how much I love my mom. She doesn't live nearby and now I can't look at my wrist without thinking of her and smiling. I know to some that seems silly and why do it with a tattoo, but that's just who I am. It's the equivalent to me of a big heart on my sleeve that says Mom in the middle. As for what I will get for my'll have to wait to find that out.


Erika Ashley said...

I like your new tattoo.

Vicki said...

I remember that movie, and especially that part of it. I'm sure you will forever get questions about it, but who cares. I still want another, but who knows if I will ever get it.

Jenny at red yellow and blue ink said...

I remember that movie for sure. That scene was crazy! the whole movie pretty crazy and funny cause it was so crazy- Fay Dunaway was awesome. But am i just blind or looking in the wrong spot? did you post a pic of you're tattoo? I wanna see.


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