Friday, May 08, 2009

Wall of Art

I am really having a good time with the bedroom wall. Our bedroom was always pretty darn boring and when I finally painted it it jazzed it up a bit. There was nothing on the walls though because I could never decide on just one picture. Now that I'm doing the photo collage it makes the room pop more and has a great mix of eclectic art that somehow seems to flow together. Or at least I think it does. What do you think? Ridiculous or cute? When is it going to be too much? I have two more pieces that I want to get on there and then I think I'm's kind of addicting though. I recently added this great silhouette of Whisky done by RP and a great line drawing by one of our IndieSac vendors.Whisky fits perfectly between the ton of B S that is going on! hahahahah

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