Thursday, May 07, 2009

Under Attack!

Each year we tend to get alot of bees in our backyard. Between the orange blossoms, lemon blossoms and honeysuckle blossoms it creates attraction for them. We've had a couple cases of hornets building nests above the sliding glass door and many bee attacks when Whisky's pool is set up. I hate it! I am not a fan of the bee. Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the bee does and I sure do love honey but I am not a fan of the stinger. Last time I was stung in high school my finger swelled up to the size of a cucumber and I barfed my way to the hospital. I can only assume that I am still allergic.

The other day I was out in the yard and heard what sounded to be a ceiling fan flying around my head. I realized it was a bee. This was no normal bee though. This thing was BIG and it was BLACK and it was ready to ATTACK. It literally chased me around the yard. I'm sure this was an excellent site seeing how I can't run and I was screaming like a little girl. Each time I tried to go to the sliding door it would fly straight at my face. I was scared for my life.

When I told this story to Bill and one of Bill's friends I got the answer "Are you sure it wasn't a horse fly?" Now, it was definitely the size of a horse but this thing was not related to a fly at all. I've seen a horse fly and this thing would eat the horse fly if it wanted to.

Yesterday I went to go outside and there were three of these things hanging out by the honeysuckle. One being the monster that chased me and two more about half it's size. Lucky for me I have my new fancy 300mm lens and I grabbed it and tried to get a picture. I think they were camera shy because the minute it came out..they left. After much waiting the monster came back and I got a picture of him.
This picture does not even come close to showing how big this thing is. It's at least half the length of my thumb and I know that it could bite my head of if it wanted to. I am now fearful of the backyard.


Krissi said...

Carpenter bee! Good news: males don't have stingers / Bad news: they're like termites, so make sure they're not building a hive/nest in your eaves!!

Sarah said...

OMG WTF!? Your posts are getting downright scary! There's GOT to be someone you can call to destroy that thing. Do you own a gun?


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