Friday, May 01, 2009


I know I have talked about the elevators at my office before, but I am still amazed the way people act in an elevator and the things that happen to me in the elevators. For starters, as previously mentioned, no one talks. There is a quick scramble by most to find something that can distract them and keep them from having to talk or even smile at anyone else.

Even worse....I've been stuck in the elevators here TWICE! Both times I was alone and thankfully both times the elevator hadn't left the floor yet so I didn't end up looking like this.Unfortunately, I was still stuck. What happened is the door closed, but actually stayed open just about a half an inch. I pressed alot of stop, open door, close door buttons but the elevator just sat there. So what I did next was cram my fingers into the opening and pretend I was She-Ra while I pried the door open. It was quite a site. The first time there was no one there when I opened the door so I wasn't embarrassed. The second time there was a man ready to pounce inside the opening elevator. He got a bit confused when he saw me there and said, "Uhh, are you going up?" First off, I'm on the first freaking floor idiot so I sure as heck am not going down! Second off, I'm not going anywhere in this damn thing! Those are all the things that evil Stacey would have said, but nice Stacey just said "Actually, I'm stuck in here and would like to get out and get in another elevator." So, what does the guydo? He just stood there waiting and watched while I finished prying the door open. No help, just waited and watched. Incredible.

Yesterday I got in the elevator with a group of 5 others who were all just returning from their lunch together. One man in the group was standing across from me and at first what I thought was a friendly smile actually ended up being a CREEPY stare since he continued to look straight at me. Luckily they were only going to the 2nd floor so it was a quick encounter. Unluckily this jack ass was LEANING AGAINST ALL THE BUTTONS! So, when they got out I had to stop at ever single floor till I got to mine.

Is it still called going postal if you do it in an elevator cause boy am I close!

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Sarah said...

That's when I walk out of the elevator (once you can) and head straight out the doors, across the street, into a bar and have a shot before returning to work. (kidding...kind of)


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