Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More buttons!

My friend Melissa has turned out to be incredible at finding things that I absolutely love when she goes to thrift stores and garage sales. I've scored a whole family of Mr. Men/Little Miss dolls and a big bucket of buttons. When we went garage sale shopping last weekend she handed over yet another bucket of buttons!It's actually a big beef jerky container...no worries, the buttons don't smell like jerky. The buttons are all fabric covered in some of the greatest 70's looking fabrics I have ever seen. They are all shank buttons and I don't want to remove the shanks because I think they would make some awesome bracelets. Only thing, I don't have a pattern for what I'm imagining.Do you have any recommendations for this fantastic buttons??


Pink Petunia Designs said...

Those are some nice colors. I think you need a button tree!

johnna said...

It would mean cutting off the shanks, but this is a cute design:


This one had some cute ideas, too. I love the purse with the butttons hanging from yarn/strings and the charm bracelet:


Debbie said...

You should see if they have bead and button magazine at the library with your new library card :-)


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