Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Night

This morning when I got up to feed Whisky I noticed that he looked rather "tired." When he came back to bed after breakfast, the hubby noticed the same thing. It was then that I realized both of his eyes were puffed up. It was a sad sight, but funny at the same time because it looked like he had just gotten up from a tough night of partying with little sleep. The other sad part was realizing it was Memorial Day and any vet visit would be classified as emergency thus costing at least an extra $100!

Luckily, I have discovered a blessing that is the UC Davis Veterinary Clinic. Their emergency staff is super nice and will give you a consult over the phone. I did this once with Louie and they were dead on just from listening to me describe what was going on....with not a dime spent! I called them and explained what was going on with Whisky and they advised that he was probably having an allergic reaction from a possible bite and to give him Benadryl. If it didn't work, then bring him in. I'm happy to say it worked! After just a few hours the puffiness started to disappear and now you can't even tell. Thank heaven for the UC Davis Vet Clinic and for over the counter Benadryl!

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Anonymous said...

I have a great UCD Veterinary Medical Center story also. I'm getting ready to go out of town for a couple days; packing [you would think two weeks]. What is it about us women that think we need to take enough clothes, snacks, drinks, fruit, etc. for an army? It's San Francisco not the desert. I'm thinking they have food in San Francisco. If nothing else, we can exist on sour dough bread for two days. Anyway, my corn bag friend, Steve, is finally having surgery at UCSF on Friday, tomorrow anesthesiologist appointment. I'll share my UCD Veterinary Hospital story when I return this weekend. I have to get back to packing and getting all the dog and cat food lined up [& their meds]; aka life saving meds prescribed by UCD Veterinary Hospital. Kim is going to check on the animals and feed them [& the hummingbirds]. The doctor that saved my dog at UCD Veterinary Hospital is Dr. Queen, yes, Dr. Erica Queen! She looks like a beauty queen and is just as nice and compassionate as she is pretty. Yes, they even have a Dr. King at UCD Veterinary Hospital. Hey, maybe they need some stamps! More later. . .also, thanks for offering to make a corn bag for Steve. I've got the crafting bug so I might give it a go myself but if not, you'll be hearing from me. Thanks again for your generous offer. PS, that's my "anonymous" comment on ped egg. I still need to get a google account so I can identify myself. Love the ped egg!


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