Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Garden - Round Two!

So remember way back when I had this dilemma on what to do with my 30 or so tomato plants? Well....the answer was simple! Kill them. Once they were moved outside to "harden" they were cut down to 6 plants. Once they were put in the ground they were cut down to one.
See that little bit of green...that's the one remaining plant. It hasn't gotten any bigger...but it hasn't died either. It's a good thing it has that cage around it because after witnessing the carnage of its siblings I'm certain it would be running out of the garden right now. To make it feel less lonely, I went to the Home Depot to call in the backups.The backups are so big that I'm hoping it makes them impossible to kill. We'll see how it works out. On some other notes there are some things that are doing well in the garden.These are the yellow squash. Right now there are probably about 8 plants and each day they get bigger and bigger. Good thing I like squash!The pot is the home of a pepper (also bought from the H.D.) and it is doing quite well and growing daily. I put him in his own pot because he is spicy and I didn't want him heating up the rest of the garden. If you look in front of the pepper you will see two rows with green. The left sprout is the yellow squash that we have already discussed, the one on the right is our pickle bush. Yep, almost killed those too! I think right now we have three that are hanging on by one root. We put more seed in the ground though so hopefully those will pop up and give us more plants.And finally...the dill! I completely forgot to put dill over in the herb garden so I found a little corner of the main garden and literally just threw all the seed down and covered it with dirt. Voila...instant dill!

So, that's the status of the garden so far. Hopefully these new cheater plants will make it, otherwise I've become the official garden serial killer of 2009! On a happier note the coffee grounds have successfully kept the kitties out of the garden. Well it's either the coffee or they have picked up on the fact that I am killing things and are fearful for their life. Also, our little rascal dog has stayed out as well. How do we do this? One piece of yarn. There is one silly piece of yellow yarn that is going around the garden. Keep in mind it's only about 6 inches off the ground and is a sport weight. To Whisky it is like kryptonite. He will not go under or over anything. If you throw a ball and it runs into a bush...he will not forage in and get it. Under the table? Same thing. He's such a little pansy!

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