Monday, May 11, 2009

Cupcake Pops!

When I first saw the Cupcake Pops on Bakerella I knew that I had to make them! If you haven't been to her website yet you are missing out. I was supposed to do these for a friend's daughter's bday but something came up and I got sick so I was unable to do it. This week was my mother in law's birthday and with Mother's Day I thought it was the perfect time to give them a try. Oh my gosh, so cute! They definitely take time to make, but are very easy at the same time...just alot of steps. I'll definitely be doing this again in the future!

Oh, if you are wondering....they are DELICIOUS!


Vicki said...

I thought they were easy, but time consuming as well, but WELL WORTH THE TIME. They are DELICIOUS! I can't wait for another reason to make them myself. They are cute. I like the yellow.

amy said...

SO FREAKING GOOD. I love how you said, "It's not like you could eat 20 of them". Hi Stacey, I'm Amy, have we met before? Cause I am willing to try :)

Carol Browne said...

They turned out great. I'll bet they were yummy, too. Well done.


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