Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On Sunday we went out to Davis for a Mother's Day Lunner (what the heck do you call an early dinner/late lunch?) When we pulled into the driveway we instantly noticed that the neighborhood peacock was hanging out on the porch. What a perfect opportunity to take some pictures! Like a secret agent I stealthily snuck up on the peacock and snapped away. Actually, since it lives in a neighborhood it was pretty tame so I was able to get really close. This is by far the most gorgeous peacock that we've seen in the neighborhood. I wish I could see those tail feathers in full plume. In a couple weeks I'll be painting the mailbox out there and this is definitely giving me some ideas!


Debbie said...

Early dinner, late lunch...Mike & I call that linner. We actually had a peacock follow us around at the San Diego Zoo once.

Freckled Nest said...

"neighborhood peacock"!!!! Love that!

This may sound silly, but I've never thought of peacocks existing outside of the zoo... lol :] You're so lucky to see one in "the wild" ;)

:) LA


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