Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Who are you?!

As a kid one of my favorite book series, aside from Shel Silverstein, were the Mr. Men/Little Miss series. They were little square books that told the stories of Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Giggles and on and on and on. A while back Target brought in some items in their dollar bins for the series and I bought a bunch of the writing pens. On a recent trip to target I noticed something soooo much better. Stuffed dolls. Stuffed dolls that talked! There are five in the series: Mr. Strong, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Rude. I literally stood there at the end of the aisle pushing their talking mechanism so I could hear all the things they said. I looked like an ass if I do say so myself. I really wanted to put the four that they had in my cart and buy them all but I decided to just go with my favorite, Mr. Rude.

He's hilarious! The first thing he says (in a French accent which is so bigoted) is "I am Mr. Rude, who are you?" He goes on to fart, belch and say a bunch of other horrible things. I love it. Too be honest the one that they didn't have that I would have wanted cause I always related to him was Mr. Bump. I can't imagine why?


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Target always gets the best stuff! I've been slowly buying all the Smurf toys for Audrey.

amy said...

They also had t-shirts for the babies. I was so tempted to get Asher the Mr. Happy one (his name means happiness!). Dangit! I really should have. I loved those books too :)


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