Sunday, April 05, 2009

Our baby....

It was soooo gorgeous on Sunday here in Sacramento, in my opinion the perfect weather. The hubby and I spent time sitting in the backyard and firing up the grill while Whisky romped around getting into trouble. The hubby said I should snap some shots with the fancy camera so I did just that. Everything is so green and in bloom right now. If it wasn't for allergies I would absolutely LOVE spring. Right now we have a love hate relationship! Of course, when the fancy camera comes out the subject of most photos is Whisky. He's just so darn photogenic! Taking pictures of him also made me realize how much he has grown up. He looks almost like an adult dog now.Ok, so he looks like a puppy smoking a cigar in this one....but you can't deny the adorable factor!This one is my favorite by far. I love the look on his face and the way he has his ears. Full focus. I was asking him if he wanted "a helping" which is his most favorite thing in the world.

Here are some funny things about Whisky. First, he is a BIG mama's boy. He follows me everywhere and is a bit of a scardey cat. He is afraid of alot of things and when he is really scared he runs into the bedroom and curls up on the hubby's pillow. If the hubby is out of town (or if I take a nap on the weekend) Whisky comes in and curls up on the hubby's pillow so I can snuggle up to his back. He will stay this way as long as I stay in the bed. Whisky's favorite thing in the whole wide world, even more than me, is eating. This dogs loves to eat. If I wake up at 2:30am to go to the bathroom he thinks it's time for meal. He's never very happy when I go back to bed. When the alarm goes off he knows it as meal alarm and does everything to get someone out of bed. He then eats that bowl of meal in about 30 seconds flat. I have not found a single item that he won't eat. He has a bad habit of eating some disgusting things in the yard when I neglect to pick them up and then we spend the next hour trying to get his breath to smell better. Terrible. Whisky loves to watch tv, especially animal oriented shows....but he has been known to watch some racing too. I think if there is alot of movement he is glued.

Overall Whisky has turned out to be a great dog. We're still working on some training, but I wouldn't trade him for anything! Even when he eats gross things!

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