Thursday, April 23, 2009


My first water aerobics lesson is under my belt (or is it in my belt? surrounded by my belt? does this mean it's actually in my pants! weird.) I have to say that it went ok. I was very very nervous. Not so nervous to get in front of people and talk and look like a fool demonstrating the moves, I feel like I do that sort of thing on a day to day basis! I was nervous that my workout was going to be boring and make the attendees want to yawn. By the looks of them, I think they had a good time and wanted to know when future classes were! I'm definitely going to make a couple workout adjustments before this Sunday, definitely add a little more cardio in there.

The other thing I'm going to have to adjust is my workout music! I've had a workout mix on my iPod FOREVER so when I needed a mix for the class I just cut it down to an hour and tried to make it a mix of all types of music. There was a little country, a little hip hop, a little classic rock, a little 80's. I thought it would be a little something for everyone. That was until the second song dropped a huge F-BOMB! Oh my gosh, I thought I would die. I got a couple bug eyed looks and just apologized and moved on. I also made sure to let them know that I would GLADLY accept music mixes if they wanted to bring any. I'll be listening to my next mix very very carefully before the next workout.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl-

Your class was great!!!! Everyone who took it had nothing but good comments about it. We had a board meeting the next night and we were all very happy with how it turned out. Here's to a great (and fit) summer! Thanks....Colleen

Melissa said...

Ha! That is hilarious about the F-bomb!! Tee-hee...maybe it was in there just to see if peeps were listening!? Apparently, they were, and NOW, you know! :0)

Sarah said...

What song?

Anonymous said...

haha..thats awsome you had fun but what about that f-bomb even funnier haha


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