Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh my goodness!

Yesterday I had a great lunch with my friend Melissa! She picked up a bucket-o-buttons for me on Craigslist and had an extra little surprise for me as well.....A whole bag of Mr. Men and Little Miss plushies! She found them at a thrift store and immediately thought of me which is just oh so kind of her. I absolutely love them and now have to find a happy home for them somewhere that Whisky won't get ahold of them. Mr. Bump has already found a special home in my purse and I'm certain he will show up in more pictures down the road. Some of the plushies have a voice box inside and make noises. One of them sneezes, Mr. Bump just keeps saying "Whoa, Whoa" and then falls over. The little pink one in the front left corner turns inside out and becomes another character all together. This is such a score! Thanks so much Melissa!

Does having all these toys mean I have to have kids soon? I have a feeling I'm going to start looking like a creepy adult with a toy collection soon if I'm not careful!


Sarah said...

That's pretty cool I have to agree. So these, books/characters seem to be really popular in I bought Kate her first book. Mr. Greedy. I just blindly picked one. It's kind of weird, but I'm going with it. We're going to buy a new book each week (I guess I am behind one week and owe her one.) Thanks for telling me about these!

Sprout said...

Love them! So jealous!


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