Friday, April 17, 2009

La La Land

I'm a dreamer in the actual sleeping sense. Not so much daydreaming, but I can do that on occasion too. I've had vivid dreams since I was very young, in fact more so when I was young. Not that I'm an old hag I have them less but when I do have them they come in waves. Typically I don't sleep well during this because I feel like my mind has been running a marathon while I've been sleeping. Another thing that I do on occasion is dream things that happen shortly after. Usually when this happens I get a very deja-vu feeling and then remember that it happened in a dream. It's weird and I'm sure alot of people think I'm full of poop, but it happens.

Last week I started dreaming about the car. We have a car and a truck and in my dreams something was always going wrong with the car. It was different in every dream. Sometimes it was a flat tire, sometimes a terrible crash and sometimes the car just floated off a cliff. Never the truck, always the car. I had one of these dreams again on Wednesday night and yesterday when I got home the hubby was in a bad mood. Turns out the truck's back window fell down into the door. Now, I know it wasn't the car, but weird none the less. Dreams like that make me nervous.

On another note, I was looking on Etsy today for some artwork for my expanding collage above the bed. I decided to search dream to find out what was out there and I fell in love with a print instantly!I so love the darkness of this picture with just the bright pops of red. It's the kind of thing that makes you uncertain whether it should make you happy or sad. This may have to be added to the wall very soon!

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