Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hello Cupcake!

Yesterday my friend Amy gave me a book called "Hello Cupcake." I've seen this book online for a while and wanted to get it. Oh my gosh the cupcakes in this book are SOOOOO cute! Great ideas and all of them look really doable! I can't wait to practice, and will definitely have to make the aliens. If anyone out there needs cupcakes for a party, let me know cause I'm feeling the itch to bake a batch of cupcakes now!


Vicki =o) said...

Nicole's birthday is coming up. But we have no idea what we are doing or where we are going for it. We will be here in the area though (not the Bay Area). If you want to do cupcakes for her birthday, do you have any suggestions? I can talk it over w/ Nicole.

Let me know.

Peptogirl said...

Oh good - I knew I was giving the book to a good home!


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