Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garage Sales!

Sometimes, even more than Thrift Stores, I love garage sales! Prices are usually cheaper and you can haggle a bit, although I rarely do that. It makes me uncomfortable. I woke up on Saturday with nothing on my agenda and decided it would be a gorgeous day to do a little garage sale shopping. I browsed Craigslist and made note of some sales and with $40 in my pocket I headed out. Oh man, I found a ton of great stuff! None of it I really needed, but I bought it anyway. My favorite favorite favorite things were the score of classics Fisher Price toys. I have my very first record player and I found a bunch of items to go with it. I thought they would be great in a kids room...someday! I got the cash register that STILL had the coins inside!The camera (and that's my record player behind it).
The clock....And the television set...They are so awesome and only the cash register was $5...the others were all $3 and are in excellent working condition! Love it! I'll post all my other garage sale scores on Flickr very soon.


Sandy said...

Looks like you did well looking for goodies. I actually hate to shop; don't have the patience I think. Doing some blog walking this am and noticed we have some things in common so thought I'd pop in for a visit.

Hope you'll do the same, welcome mats always out,

ukzarahemla said...

so remember these toys that my kids had..I had quite forgotten about them thanks for the memories

Peptogirl said...

oh my gosh! i would have bout those too! awesome!

Sarah said...

Oh memories. I can just see those coins from the cash register now. That's awesome!

Katie Trott said...

Wow! These are all great finds :)


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