Thursday, April 02, 2009

Feel the burn!

It's official....I'm going to be a water aerobics instructor this summer. You have NO IDEA how exciting this is for me. For those that don't know me, I love the water. I don't so much love ocean waves, but that's a whole other story. I've been swimming since I was little and I have competed in swimming for at least half my life. I've taken many water aerobics classes and many swimming classes and have tried to figure out a way to do something like that myself.

Lucky for me I became a crafter. What? Are we still on the same topic? Yes, we are! I did a craft event at a community pool and decided to ask them if they offered water aerobics and thus the ball started rolling. Ha, the last name is, will that ever get old?

Anyway, I will now be the water aerobics instructor this summer at the College Greens Swim and Racquet club. I'm gearing up right now and planning out work out routines and work out music. I even picked up a bunch of pool noodles yesterday because nothing says I'm having fun in water aerobics like pool noodles! The other bonus in all this....I will officially be working out three days a week. It will be an even bigger bonus if I get a class that looks anything like this.Come on, just look at that guy in the front! He's got the speedos, the cap and the Will Farrell'esque body to go along with it. Plus, see that noodle..he's having fun!


Anonymous said...

Can I take a class...I love water aerobics!!!

franchise said...

thats awsome whoot whoot haha..


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