Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just recently started watching the news again. I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes I get super sick of it and just stop watching for a little breather. I couldn't take another second of hearing about the economy or the Octomom, you must agree on some level! Anyway, for the past few weeks that I started watching again each news cast seems to bring up pirates. There have been a bunch of pirate attacks as of late and I have to admit it makes me want to giggly each time. I mean, I can't stop picturing this...I'm thinking the modern day pirates look nothing like this, but don't you really want to see an eye patch, gold teeth or at least one wooden leg when you hear about hostile pirate attacks? On the other hand....aren't they really just terrorists? That's the part I don't understand. You hear pirate attack and you kind of want to giggle or talk like a pirate for a day. What makes these guys not terrorists? Because they are doing it on a boat? I'm baffled again. Guess I'll go walk the plank!

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