Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh weather!

Man, the weather can drive me crazy! First off, I really am not a fan of the heat. The fact that I live somewhere that typically gets into the 100's and stays there for weeks is not a good thing. I'm a cold person, I like the rain.....but I loooove spring time. Highs of 70 and lows of 40ish would be PERFECT in my opinion. The other thing that drives me crazy about the weather are forecasts. I can't tell you how many times there has been talk of rain, rain so intense I have started building an arc in the backyard only to have it rain for 5 minutes. I now have a theory that when they says 40% chance of rain it means there is a 40% chance that it will rain for 40 minutes. In fact most of the time I just go with a "believe it when I see it" mentality.

Not now. Of course a couple days ago it became apparent that there was possible rain on Saturday. I have spent each day watching about 6 different websites, all of which give a different prediction by the way, to see what the weather may be like on Saturday. According to most, there is a 50% chance it is going to rain sometime between 10am and 11am and then will be cloudy. Cloudy I can deal with. IndieSac planning has gone on without a hitch so I guess it was only time for something to peek out of the clouds! All I can be is hopeful that it is only a couple light sprinkles if any rain at all.

Don't forget to come on out and check out the May Market! If you come to my booth with cute rain gear on I'll even give you something special :o)

See you Saturday!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've got class!

Ok, that might be an overstatement. I'm actually just teaching a class! IndieSac is going to offer a Craft University and I am teaching one of them. You can come on out at 1:30pm and attend my half hour class on making fleece dog toys. The cost of the class is $3 and you get to take home the toy that you's that for a bargain?

Remember, IndieSac is rain or shine and if it rains please come anyway. I don't want to be the sad girl in the park crying in the rain!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sneak Peak

My mom is finished with my purse and sent me some sneak peek pics of what is soon to come in the mail. Can't wait, can't wait! The small purse in front is a case for my camera, how cute is that? The woman has mad skills!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom! Sorry that I can't be with you to celebrate. I hope you have a great day. You don't look a day older now than you did then, just as gorgeous as ever!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've had the new fancy camera for a while now and decided to take it out to Davis this weekend to take some pictures with the bigger lens. Usually there are a HUGE mass of buzzards that live in the tree and I thought I would get some good pics of them. I knew they would be ugly! When we got there the buzzards were no where to be found. So instead I just took shots of the garden, the animals and the family. My favorite is this picture of the hubby's dad.I think he looks like "The Thinker" in this shot. He's such a great guy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm clean!

Back in January I talked about some of the great give ups that would be taking place. Uhhh, it's safe to say that not much was given up and most things were just cut back. The one thing that wasn't given up or cut back was soda. I couldn't give up my fountain Diet Dr.Pepper. I figure that I was probably drinking 3-4 sodas a gross to think about.

Well, since I started my cleanse almost three weeks ago...I have given up the soda! Not a one has passed my lips and I have replaced my obsession with water. I'm drinking almost 2 gallons of water on most days and when I don't get 2 in I at least take in 1. I have to say that I feel sooooo much better.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hooked Line and Sinker!

Recently the Showtime subscription was started up again on a special offer and it was perfect timing because "The Tudors" was back on. Those that read this blog know how I feel about a certain Duke of Suffolk. This should be the season that the king starts getting fat and gross and difficult. Unfortunately, he still has wash board abs and shows them off quite frequently. I never thought I would find myself saying that it's unfortunate to have wash board abs. But man, I really want Henry to turn into the bearded pig man that he ended up being.

I decided to see what else was on Showtime and remembered that "United States of Tara" was on so I had to check it out. Oh my gosh this is a great show! Toni Collete could not be anymore fantastic and the Duke of Suffolk is being replaced by her husband Max, played by John Corbett. John hasn't looked this good since Sex and the City and BOY does he look good! Plus his character is great and makes him all the more charming.

Just what I needed...another show to be hooked on!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My first water aerobics lesson is under my belt (or is it in my belt? surrounded by my belt? does this mean it's actually in my pants! weird.) I have to say that it went ok. I was very very nervous. Not so nervous to get in front of people and talk and look like a fool demonstrating the moves, I feel like I do that sort of thing on a day to day basis! I was nervous that my workout was going to be boring and make the attendees want to yawn. By the looks of them, I think they had a good time and wanted to know when future classes were! I'm definitely going to make a couple workout adjustments before this Sunday, definitely add a little more cardio in there.

The other thing I'm going to have to adjust is my workout music! I've had a workout mix on my iPod FOREVER so when I needed a mix for the class I just cut it down to an hour and tried to make it a mix of all types of music. There was a little country, a little hip hop, a little classic rock, a little 80's. I thought it would be a little something for everyone. That was until the second song dropped a huge F-BOMB! Oh my gosh, I thought I would die. I got a couple bug eyed looks and just apologized and moved on. I also made sure to let them know that I would GLADLY accept music mixes if they wanted to bring any. I'll be listening to my next mix very very carefully before the next workout.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh my goodness!

Yesterday I had a great lunch with my friend Melissa! She picked up a bucket-o-buttons for me on Craigslist and had an extra little surprise for me as well.....A whole bag of Mr. Men and Little Miss plushies! She found them at a thrift store and immediately thought of me which is just oh so kind of her. I absolutely love them and now have to find a happy home for them somewhere that Whisky won't get ahold of them. Mr. Bump has already found a special home in my purse and I'm certain he will show up in more pictures down the road. Some of the plushies have a voice box inside and make noises. One of them sneezes, Mr. Bump just keeps saying "Whoa, Whoa" and then falls over. The little pink one in the front left corner turns inside out and becomes another character all together. This is such a score! Thanks so much Melissa!

Does having all these toys mean I have to have kids soon? I have a feeling I'm going to start looking like a creepy adult with a toy collection soon if I'm not careful!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Find....

Let me start by saying that I know my mom is going to read this and giggle a little. First she is going to giggle at yesterday's post that I like thrift store shopping like she once did. Now she is going to giggle at another reference of me becoming more like her. I had a huge pet peeve when I was growing up. My mom had a knack for buying things that were broken with the intention of fixing it and making it new again. She and I both know that there were many times said broken item would not get fixed and would sit in the garage. Come on mom, you know it's true! This pet peeve was partially due to the fact that clutter drives me insane. I'm always picking stuff up and putting it away even if there is no place to put it. I can't stand having items on the coffee table, dining room table, desk. It's a real problem and a bit of an obsession. The hubby can tell you how many times I have hidden something from him because I simply had to "put it away." So, back to the story, many times these broken items would just become clutter in my eyes and I swore I would never do that myself. I also swore I would never use a sewing machine, so I think we all know where this is going.

I picked this up for $1 at a garage sale on Saturday....Not the dog of course..but the broken shabby chic mirror. I was drawn to it with it's antique floral frame and candle holders. When I found out it was just a dollar I thought....I'll take it and just replace the mirror. Sunday I spent some time calling around and found a place where I can get replacement mirror for under $20! So, for now this is sitting in the dining room....right in plain site. It will sit there and drive me CRAZY until I take it and replace the mirror.

The moral of the story is, we all kind of become our moms in some ways.

P.S. Mom- I still hate the hardware store!

Monday, April 20, 2009

We have sprouts!

The seedlings have started to sprout, in fact the day after I took this picture only two sprouts weren't up. The left two rows are pickle bushes and the right rows are all cherry tomatoes. Yesterday Bill ran the tiller in the garden patch so now I just have to throw in some rows and drop these in. Only, I have never transplanted before and have no idea how to do it. When I was planting the tomato seeds it said to put two in each little holder. When I transplant do I keep the two together? Do I split them up? Do each one of them need some sort of tomato trellis? Did I just plant enough tomatoes to feed an army troop? HELP!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garage Sales!

Sometimes, even more than Thrift Stores, I love garage sales! Prices are usually cheaper and you can haggle a bit, although I rarely do that. It makes me uncomfortable. I woke up on Saturday with nothing on my agenda and decided it would be a gorgeous day to do a little garage sale shopping. I browsed Craigslist and made note of some sales and with $40 in my pocket I headed out. Oh man, I found a ton of great stuff! None of it I really needed, but I bought it anyway. My favorite favorite favorite things were the score of classics Fisher Price toys. I have my very first record player and I found a bunch of items to go with it. I thought they would be great in a kids room...someday! I got the cash register that STILL had the coins inside!The camera (and that's my record player behind it).
The clock....And the television set...They are so awesome and only the cash register was $5...the others were all $3 and are in excellent working condition! Love it! I'll post all my other garage sale scores on Flickr very soon.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thrift Stores

I love going to thrift stores! I can remember a time when my mom would go to thrift stores for hours and I would think she was crazy and now I proudly walk in those same shoes. Sometimes they are even thrifted shoes at that! I don't have as much time to thrift store shop and many times squeeze it into my lunch hour. You do have to be careful though cause many times you can come home with items that you don't need. Like a globe....Sure didn't need it, but boy do I like the way it looks on the desk...and for only $5!

Friday, April 17, 2009

La La Land

I'm a dreamer in the actual sleeping sense. Not so much daydreaming, but I can do that on occasion too. I've had vivid dreams since I was very young, in fact more so when I was young. Not that I'm an old hag I have them less but when I do have them they come in waves. Typically I don't sleep well during this because I feel like my mind has been running a marathon while I've been sleeping. Another thing that I do on occasion is dream things that happen shortly after. Usually when this happens I get a very deja-vu feeling and then remember that it happened in a dream. It's weird and I'm sure alot of people think I'm full of poop, but it happens.

Last week I started dreaming about the car. We have a car and a truck and in my dreams something was always going wrong with the car. It was different in every dream. Sometimes it was a flat tire, sometimes a terrible crash and sometimes the car just floated off a cliff. Never the truck, always the car. I had one of these dreams again on Wednesday night and yesterday when I got home the hubby was in a bad mood. Turns out the truck's back window fell down into the door. Now, I know it wasn't the car, but weird none the less. Dreams like that make me nervous.

On another note, I was looking on Etsy today for some artwork for my expanding collage above the bed. I decided to search dream to find out what was out there and I fell in love with a print instantly!I so love the darkness of this picture with just the bright pops of red. It's the kind of thing that makes you uncertain whether it should make you happy or sad. This may have to be added to the wall very soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just recently started watching the news again. I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes I get super sick of it and just stop watching for a little breather. I couldn't take another second of hearing about the economy or the Octomom, you must agree on some level! Anyway, for the past few weeks that I started watching again each news cast seems to bring up pirates. There have been a bunch of pirate attacks as of late and I have to admit it makes me want to giggly each time. I mean, I can't stop picturing this...I'm thinking the modern day pirates look nothing like this, but don't you really want to see an eye patch, gold teeth or at least one wooden leg when you hear about hostile pirate attacks? On the other hand....aren't they really just terrorists? That's the part I don't understand. You hear pirate attack and you kind of want to giggle or talk like a pirate for a day. What makes these guys not terrorists? Because they are doing it on a boat? I'm baffled again. Guess I'll go walk the plank!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taking up photography!

Well, I have had the new fancy camera for at least a month now and so far so good. Part of that could be because it rarely comes out...I'm a little scared to use it. I transferred my old 35mm into a cheesy new camera holder and put the new digi in my nice camera bag. It has been sleeping in the bag for most of the time ever since. The hubby has to remind me to take it out and use it. I think it will get used more once the new camera purse comes (hint hint..I know you are reading this mom.)

Yesterday I came home and discovered that Whisky was taking up photography too! Here I thought he was just photogenic, but apparently he has the camera bug too. He apparently prefers to work with film, but I need to explain to him that he is going about it all wrong.He believes that eating the film leads to the pictures. So I guess he is really taking in photography. I can't wait for him to poop a 4x6!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

This year we are going to put a garden in our own backyard. There is still a HUGE garden in Davis, but this will be a garden of our very own that we can go and harvest from each day if we want to, and if the produce actually grows! I already have some herbs started in a little garden, so today I started a couple vegetables for our bigger plot. I'm starting the tomatoes and some pickle bushes inside. Once the plot is ready outside we'll also do some yellow squash. Oh, how I hope our garden grows!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh Anthro....

On Friday I took a trip with my niece Carey to Anthropologie. I gave it my all to not spend any money in there and I did a mighty nice job. I did have a pair of sunglasses to return so that gave me the ability to exchange for a couple things. I got a new set of salt and pepper shakers to add to the collection.

How is it possible for one store to contain such cute things?! Now if I only wore a size 6 I'd be set!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Outing

My new favorite Sunday outing is a morning trip to the Farmer's Market. When I started doing the cleanse, which is going fantastic by the way, I was encouraged to eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible. There is nothing better than fruit and veggies from the Farmer's Market. One of my most favorite things this time of year is by far the strawberries! My other new found favorite is beets. I always thought I didn't like beets because to me they were always the gross purple pickled things in the salad bars. Little did I know you can steam them and roast them and they are delish! Today I picked up strawberries, beets, artichokes and asparagus..yum yum!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This weekend some family from Washington were in town so I got to spend some good time with the nieces and nephew. It was fun spending time with the kids and seeing how much Whisky enjoyed them. While they were here we colored eggs together with a kit that I got at the 99 cent store. They didn't come out too bad for a 99 cent kit!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Grow a fro!

I think Chia pets are cute. I've never actually owned one, but I've been tempted and I think if you look through the archives of the blog I have talked about Chias before. Yesterday I saw a Chia that stopped me in my tracks.It's the grow an Obama Chia fro! You have no idea how much I want one of these. I guess they are quite scandalous and Walgrens had to pull them from their shelves because people thought it racist. I think people should lighten up. If it was a Will Ferrell chia I would be just as excited (if not more so actually.) Isn't the whole point of the chia that it looks like a fro no matter what it is on? Not only did Chia release this, but they made two. So just in case you don't want the "Determined" Obama listed above, you can get the Happy Obama!
I really like the determined myself!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hello Cupcake!

Yesterday my friend Amy gave me a book called "Hello Cupcake." I've seen this book online for a while and wanted to get it. Oh my gosh the cupcakes in this book are SOOOOO cute! Great ideas and all of them look really doable! I can't wait to practice, and will definitely have to make the aliens. If anyone out there needs cupcakes for a party, let me know cause I'm feeling the itch to bake a batch of cupcakes now!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Peep Peep

It was time to update the chalkboard and I have to say I had a hard time with this one. It's funny how sometimes the simplest drawings can be the toughest to pull off. I knew that I wanted to do a Peep. My first attempt was a row of peeps, and I was just going to write "My Peeps" on the board, but man was that row of peeps tough. They wouldn't fit. So, I moved onto a peep in an egg shell. It really just looks like a yellow turd in a Reeses cup, but you can't win them all!

Monday, April 06, 2009

May Market

Lately I have been busting my butt to get ready for the IndieSacramento May Market! I'm soo excited for this show and think it is going to be a great turnout all around. If you haven't been to an IndieSac show you then you MUST come to this show! There will be a ton of crafts, music, food as well as craft classes. If you have been to an IndieSac show before, then you need to come again. I hope to see all of you there...mark your calendars now! You can go to the website and check out the vendors that will be selling in May. More are being added daily! If anyone reading this is interested in becoming a vendor or interested in sponsoring the show somehow then please let me know!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Our baby....

It was soooo gorgeous on Sunday here in Sacramento, in my opinion the perfect weather. The hubby and I spent time sitting in the backyard and firing up the grill while Whisky romped around getting into trouble. The hubby said I should snap some shots with the fancy camera so I did just that. Everything is so green and in bloom right now. If it wasn't for allergies I would absolutely LOVE spring. Right now we have a love hate relationship! Of course, when the fancy camera comes out the subject of most photos is Whisky. He's just so darn photogenic! Taking pictures of him also made me realize how much he has grown up. He looks almost like an adult dog now.Ok, so he looks like a puppy smoking a cigar in this one....but you can't deny the adorable factor!This one is my favorite by far. I love the look on his face and the way he has his ears. Full focus. I was asking him if he wanted "a helping" which is his most favorite thing in the world.

Here are some funny things about Whisky. First, he is a BIG mama's boy. He follows me everywhere and is a bit of a scardey cat. He is afraid of alot of things and when he is really scared he runs into the bedroom and curls up on the hubby's pillow. If the hubby is out of town (or if I take a nap on the weekend) Whisky comes in and curls up on the hubby's pillow so I can snuggle up to his back. He will stay this way as long as I stay in the bed. Whisky's favorite thing in the whole wide world, even more than me, is eating. This dogs loves to eat. If I wake up at 2:30am to go to the bathroom he thinks it's time for meal. He's never very happy when I go back to bed. When the alarm goes off he knows it as meal alarm and does everything to get someone out of bed. He then eats that bowl of meal in about 30 seconds flat. I have not found a single item that he won't eat. He has a bad habit of eating some disgusting things in the yard when I neglect to pick them up and then we spend the next hour trying to get his breath to smell better. Terrible. Whisky loves to watch tv, especially animal oriented shows....but he has been known to watch some racing too. I think if there is alot of movement he is glued.

Overall Whisky has turned out to be a great dog. We're still working on some training, but I wouldn't trade him for anything! Even when he eats gross things!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Herb Garden

We have an open space next to our lemon tree in the backyard and I decided to use it for a little herb garden. I planted a rosemary plant in there about 4 months ago and it has already doubled in size. This weekend I added mint, sweet basil, lemon thyme and cilantro seed (since there were no starter plants.) I'm hoping it all works out. I have a feeling I've now turned it into a giant cat box!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Glug Glug Glug

In an effort to get a jump start on getting healthy I have decided to do a cleanse of sorts. I'm going to try to restart my system and get back on a fresh path. I'm not going to tell you all of the things this involves, but what I will share is it involves water. Copious amounts of water. Think Niagara Falls or maybe The Great Lakes. I'm sure you are thinking that I'm just exaggerating here, I've done it before on this blog. Although I will also not tell you exactly how much water I have to drink, I will tell you that I have to drink my body weight in ounces. That's alot. That's more than a gallon.

Today is the first day in and I've consumed just over a gallon at this point. I am pretty certain that I am either going to drown or I am going to wet myself. I think next week I'll rent a port-o-let and place it in my cubicle.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Feel the burn!

It's official....I'm going to be a water aerobics instructor this summer. You have NO IDEA how exciting this is for me. For those that don't know me, I love the water. I don't so much love ocean waves, but that's a whole other story. I've been swimming since I was little and I have competed in swimming for at least half my life. I've taken many water aerobics classes and many swimming classes and have tried to figure out a way to do something like that myself.

Lucky for me I became a crafter. What? Are we still on the same topic? Yes, we are! I did a craft event at a community pool and decided to ask them if they offered water aerobics and thus the ball started rolling. Ha, the last name is, will that ever get old?

Anyway, I will now be the water aerobics instructor this summer at the College Greens Swim and Racquet club. I'm gearing up right now and planning out work out routines and work out music. I even picked up a bunch of pool noodles yesterday because nothing says I'm having fun in water aerobics like pool noodles! The other bonus in all this....I will officially be working out three days a week. It will be an even bigger bonus if I get a class that looks anything like this.Come on, just look at that guy in the front! He's got the speedos, the cap and the Will Farrell'esque body to go along with it. Plus, see that noodle..he's having fun!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Who are you?!

As a kid one of my favorite book series, aside from Shel Silverstein, were the Mr. Men/Little Miss series. They were little square books that told the stories of Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Giggles and on and on and on. A while back Target brought in some items in their dollar bins for the series and I bought a bunch of the writing pens. On a recent trip to target I noticed something soooo much better. Stuffed dolls. Stuffed dolls that talked! There are five in the series: Mr. Strong, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Rude. I literally stood there at the end of the aisle pushing their talking mechanism so I could hear all the things they said. I looked like an ass if I do say so myself. I really wanted to put the four that they had in my cart and buy them all but I decided to just go with my favorite, Mr. Rude.

He's hilarious! The first thing he says (in a French accent which is so bigoted) is "I am Mr. Rude, who are you?" He goes on to fart, belch and say a bunch of other horrible things. I love it. Too be honest the one that they didn't have that I would have wanted cause I always related to him was Mr. Bump. I can't imagine why?


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