Friday, March 27, 2009

Donner Lake or Bust!

Today we set off to Donner Lake for a weekend trip in a cabin. This trip was made even more special by a couple visitors from Washington that decided to go with us...Al and Stoned Jesus.

When we arrived at the cabin the first task was deciding where to sleep. Al and Stoned Jesus are a couple of freeloaders and weren't paying for their portion of the cabin so they got stuck in the bunk roomAl was not too happy about getting stuck with the bottom bunk, but he knows that you can't really argue with Jesus. What Jesus wants, Jesus gets. What Jesus wanted next was to get the party started!
Luckily Al had made a Costco run and purchased the largest Bacardi bottle he could find. Within minutes the two were boozing it up something heavy and over half of the bottle was gone. It got a little chilly outside, so the two headed inside for some time by the fire.
Stoned Jesus always travels with his guitar and with a little Bacardi flowing he was belting out the tunes to Al. All was fine until SJ wrapped it up with "More than Words." Al has known Stoned Jesus long enough to know that once the Extreme songs start SJ is in a randy mood.Stoned Jesus made a pass at Al and a serious fight broke out. Al stumbled down the stairs and holed up in the bunk room all night. None of us really knew how it was going to work out with these two the next day....

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Peptogirl said...

omg. too funny!


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