Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buddies for Life

No matter how upset Al was the night before, he wasn't showing it. What he was showing was the fact that no matter how smart of a guy Al may be, he just can't hold his liquor. Luckily he had his best buddy Stoned Jesus there to hold his hair back.With his system cleared out and a little "hair of the dog" these two were rip roaring and ready to go out and take in the Donner Lake sites. Their first outing was to play in the snow! They made a snowman...Tried making a couple snow angels....And had a little snowball fight...After all the snow fun Stoned Jesus and Al decided to have a little fun of the animal variety. None of us even knew that there was a farm close and got a little suspicious at the suggestion of animal fun. Little did we know the Donner cabin had it's very own farm! Stoned Jesus got a little wild with the pigs.While Al took a more relaxing route with a nice horseback ride at sunset.What we thought was going to be a relaxing cabin trip tuned into a whirl wind of activity with Stoned Al and Jesus around!

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