Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recycled Sweaters

This Wednesday I will be holding a demonstration at my friend Judy's church. My segment is how to turn items you get at the thrift store into fun recycled crafts. I played around with this alot at Christmas and last night decided to play around some more. I've tried some felted mittens before, but wanted to give it another go with a cuter sweater. The finished product wasn't too bad, and would probably look less like a lobster claw if I could sew a little better.
When I was done with the mittens I had a ton of sweater left over so I decided to play around with one of the sleeves and make a wine bottle cozy. I'm sooo happy with how it came out and will definitely be adding this to the Christmas line up for next year.
I especially like the bottom which used a different part of the sweater so I could get a snowflake in there.

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