Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Movin on up!

Lately, when I've set up my booth at craft fairs I don't feel very professional. I don't have any good displays, I don't have any good signage and I ran out of business cards. This is all about to change! Today I ordered a sign, so now the Bouton Blue table will be displaying a banner across the front. I also ordered some business cards to feel a bit more legit.

Now for displays. When you sell scarves it's kind of hard to display them. Especially with the scarfettes because everyone wants to know how they work. So, I've decided to get myself a dress form like this..

I think it will be perfect for displaying a scarf....and maybe even a hat! My only fear is how much this is going to scare me when it's dark in my house. I'm going to make sure it's not stored in the bedroom..yikes!


Carol Browne said...

Great idea! Perhaps you could find a mannequin or two...or just the torsos! SCARY!

Happy craft shows!

Anonymous said...

Is that as crazy tall as it looks??


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