Saturday, February 21, 2009

I love snow!

Today the hubby and I headed up the hill for a little Cabela's shopping trip and then lunch and snow time. We took Whisky to see how he would be with snow. This was his first time. He absolutely loved it! He wanted to catch snowballs all day and no matter how much they clobbered him he was right back in there ready for the next one. Sometimes the snowballs were even twice the size of his head but this didn't phase him...
Yeah, that's a giant snowball headed right for him and boy is he ready to chomp down on it. I think in this instance the snowball won.
Don't worry though, he was right back at it just a moment later!
What a good snow dog!

1 comment:

Peptogirl said...

Cute! My dog rolled around in the snow like she was trying to make doggie snow angels!


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