Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Melon Head Ball

I'm a HUGE fan of the I Am Bossy blog and read it religiously everyday. Bossy's quirky sarcastic humor never ceases to have me laughing at my computer screen, which can sometimes make one look a bit crazy. Recently Bossy ran into a website by Volkswagon to promote the Routan. I'm sure many of you have seen the commercials where Brooke Shields is attacking parents in car lots accusing them of having babies to buy this car. On the website you can upload photos of yourself and anyone you'd like to make a baby with and the site will merge the two together and have a new kid. Of course I had to give it ago and see what the love child of hubby and I would look like. I'm pleased to introduce you to Melon Head Ball...

Melon Head (or Mel as I like to call him) came in weighing at 9lbs and 5ozs......almost entirely in his head. Boy, I have never seen another image that has made me want a c-section more!


Sarah said...

We have the same exact baby!
What, do they think all white babies look the same?? hmmm.....those crazy Germans!

Cori said...



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