Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wreck on turn 2!

For many many years I have wanted to get the hubby a Nascar cake for his bday. I've done the simple "racing" theme cake at Baskin and Robbins, but I really wanted something that was shaped like the car of his favorite driver...Greg Biffle. Something that looked like this:Now I know this has alot of sponsorship detail, but I didn't need all of that...just the main sponsor, paint scheme and number. If you have ever watched Ace of Cakes, you'll know what I was looking for. Unfortunately there aren't any bakeries like that in Sacramento. So, I headed to the bay area seeking a baker and was met with a bunch of red stop signs. When I was about to give up I had a last minute idea.....check Craigslist. Now I know I should have put my own brakes on with that notion, but I went into it with gusto and started looking for bakers that do shapes. There turned out to be 5, one of which has a website with pictures. So I hired her.

Leading up to picking up this cake I was certain that it was going to be a disaster. I figured if it was too bad I would bash it in and flip it on it's side and call it a wrecked car....literally. When I went to pick it up all I could do was smile and kind of giggly. She asked if I like it and I told her I did....cause it sure wasn't as bad as I had pictured it would be. Then again, it was pretty bad. Needless to say that cake got alot of attention through the night, but the biggest debate was, "When did Saab or Volkswagon start sponsoring Nascar with hatchbacks?!"


Melissa said...

So, I am wondering....should I submit this 'winning' race car to the Cake Wrecks site or should you?

mommyd said...

OMG...Hope Bill's race car cake tasted better than it looked...bet those tires were crunchy. Greg Biffle would probably be curled up in a fetal possition in the hatchback if the Fusion looked like that...and you probably paid more pound for pound for that car that Jack Roush did for his #16. I know you could of done alot better yourself.

Dr. Liz said...

That's GREAT!!!! Too bad I don't live in the area, or I'd have her bake a Corvette for my husband and see if we end up with a Ford Focus! Seriously, though, it's the thought that counts - and it is cute, in an amusing sort of way!

NannyGarcia said...

You have to send that to cake wrecks!!!!

Sarah said...

OMG, that made me laugh SOOOOO hard! But when I got done laughing, I felt so sad, that she asked you if you liked it! oh my. Gotta ask....how much did you pay for that?


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