Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Wii Fit Biggest Loser Challenge!!!

I got a great idea from my girlfriend Katie to get fit with the Wii fit. She and her husband were going to start a little Wii fit challenge and I thought, heck...why not get the whole world involved. By whole world I mean all 40 something of you that read my blog of course. You are my world.

So, here's the rules:

1. You must use the Wii fit as your means of working out. No gyms, no personal trainers, just the Wii fit.
2. You can incorporate your Wii fit workouts in with a healthy diet.
3. You must submit your weekly weigh in numbers to me no later than Sunday at 10pm pacific time. You will do this by sending me how much you currently weigh and two pictures. One will be the Wii fit calendar so I know that you are actually using the Wii fit. It looks something like this.You also need to send me a pic of your weight progress graph, it looks something like this.You will send all of these to me via email to staceyball(at)gmail(dot)com. I will keep all of this information discreet unless you tell me I can post it. That is entirely up to you. I'm not here to embarass anyone on the blog...just here to celebrate getting fit!
4. Be honest, we're all good people and honesty is the best policy for this challenge.

Now here is how it's going to work. This challenge is going to start on Sunday February 1st and will run for three months total. Your last weigh in will be submitted to me Sunday May 3rd and the winner will be announced on May 4th. The biggest loser will be the person that loses the biggest percentage of body weight in the three months. For example. If your starting weight was 200 and you lose 30lbs then your total percentage of body weight lost will be 15%. This makes it more fair than doing it by your total number of pounds lost since we all have different amounts to lose. Each week I will post each contestants percentages on the blog so we can all keep track of where we are. Gosh I hope that makes sense...if not then watch an episode of the Biggest Loser perhaps!

Now, there's one more piece. You're going to have to give a little to get a lot in this Wii Fit Challenge. Each contestant agrees to pay the winner $1 per pound lost. So, if there are 15 contestants, and the winner loses 20 pounds total.....it will cost each contestant $20. The winner on the other hand will walk away with $300!!! This will help go towards the new pants they need to buy since they lost 20lbs or whatever else they want to spend it on. But wait....there is more!! In addition, the winner will also take home an extra $100 bonus!! How's that for incentive?

So, if you want to play the game and be a contestant on the Wii Fit Biggest Loser Challenge you need to leave a comment on this blog declaring the following:

"I, (your name here), declare that I want to be the Biggest Wii Fit Loser!"

You also need to email me at staceyball(at)gmail(dot)com your name, your starting weight, a goal weight if you have one and the picture of your Wii Fit graph so I can verify your starting weight. There is no limit to the number of contestants and you can live anywhere to play. All entries need to be submitted no later than 10pm on Sunday February 1st.

Good luck and I hope you take the Wii Fit Challenge!!


Carol Browne said...

Sorry. I can't sign up. I walk an extra 4 KM 3-4 days per week to commute home from work.

Also, give you my current weight? So sorry. I just can't.

I hope you understand. :-)

Anonymous said...

Of course...

I, Katie, declare that I want to be the Biggest Wii Fit Loser!

and also since my husband doesn't do the blog thing...

I, Ben, declare that I want to be the Biggest Wii Fit Loser!

I am super excited and hope a bunch of people sign up!

Carol Browne said...

I, Carol Browne, declare that I want to be the Biggest Wii Fit Loser!

Rain said...

If only I had a wii!

Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting... I hopefully get the guts to reply with my declaration by Sunday!!


Sarah said...

I, Sarah, declare that I want to be the Biggest Wii Fit Loser!


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