Friday, January 16, 2009


If you don't know the store Anthropologie, you should check it out. It's gorgeous. Super cute clothes and super cute housewares. Last time I was at an Anthro I signed up for their free membership which notifies me of specials and such. Then yesterday this little cutie came in the mail.
Cute already isn't it? I mean, I love buttons so I was already intrigued. Then I unbuttoned it....
More buttons! And some's a little sewing kit. But wait, what's that little card that says "Celebrate!" on it?
It's a card for 15% off one entire purchase for the month of January for my birthday! Woo hoo! Wait, I'm on a shopping freeze. I might have to break it, I'm sorry. There are some really cute owl salt and pepper shakers that I've wanted from there forever and I think I will go get them. Thanks Anthro, you really have your marketing down pat!


Rain said...

I love Anthropologie! Happy Birthday Stacey!!!! One free pair of earrings on me! Just let me know what you'd like! ;)

Peptogirl said...

I have to go sign up for the Anthropologie newsletter now! See ya! Oh, and happy birthday! Thanks for sharing - a handmade sewing kit like that would be super-cute as Pimp Stitch swag!

Peptogirl said...

Dang it, I didn't see a place to sign up online. I guess I have to go there!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

Hey Hey, Happy Birthday! That is super cute!


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