Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm a steampunk!

For Christmas my girlfriend RP got me the coolest necklace that another friend of ours named Laura made. It's called steampunk jewelry and I must admit I had never heard of it before now.
It is quite simply a watch that has been dissected and now it's inner parts are on the outside. There is something so elegant and rough about it. Then to make things even better RP got me a ring for my birthday!
The ring was made by someone else, but is the same concept. I absolutely love it! I have closed up the jewelry cabinet (yes it is a cabinet) and wear these pieces everyday. I just can't get enough of the watch jewelry.


Reebs said...

Its just that time stands still when I look at you Stace, I had to commemorate it...

Buzzy said...

That's a rad gift! I heart the steampunk! Laura of Asbestos Press just started a line of vintage/steampunk jewelry at
I bought one of her necklaces with my supply money. No crafties for me this month ;)

Carol Browne said...

Those are so great! I just love that necklace. The inside on the outside thing. Very cool.


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