Monday, January 19, 2009

Easy Rider Show

One other thing that I did for my birthday was go to the Easy Rider bike show. The hubby and I went to check out the bikes and say hello to my friend Kim and her bf RJ. It was also a GREAT place to bust out my camera and take some pictures as if I'm a professional photographer. The bikes really were amazing and ranged from simple and classic to crazy and extreme. I appreciated both, some of the paint schemes were amazing, but if I had a pic I would go with the simple and classic. My favorite bike was this one...

On a side and very sad note, my camera is not working correctly. Man oh man, do I have bad luck with cameras as of late. The flash will not pop up and although I try to avoid using the flash at all costs there are times when it has to be done. So, the camera is shipping back and a new one is on it's way. Hopefully I'll have better luck this time around.

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Sarah said...

Why don't you like the flash?


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