Friday, December 12, 2008

Sea of Yellow

Whenever Whisky gets really wound up, the solution is to take him to the doggy daycare. It's the ultimate romp around session and typically gives us a nice and mellow doggy at the end of the day. He absolutely loves it there, so it's a great treat for him as well. When I open the car door, I don't even have to put him on a leash, cause he runs straight for the daycare door. The fun part about daycare is loading the Doggy Cam to check in on what the dogs are doing. Usually I can spot Whisky in the line up of dogs, but yesterday it wasn't so easy. Apparently there is an outbreak of yellow labs at the daycare right now and I couldn't make Whisky out of the group.

I love this second picture where they all appear to be lined up in a row. The middle doggies are surrounded by yellow lab lovin!

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