Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Say cheeeeeeeese!

The beautiful QVC order arrived yesterday and I am already in love! Just look at how beautiful it is....

We are NOT talking about me of course, but that beautiful camera that I'm holding in my shaky hands. Sorry for the blur, I was still pretty excited when I took this photo! I got the Canon Rebel XS and I can't wait to start snapping amazing pictures. I'm also signed up for a class on digital photography that starts on January 17th. It will teach me how to use the camera more and more importantly will teach me photoshop! I'm so excited I can hardly hold the camera still!


Debbie said...

Awesome~! I got a new camera for Christmas too. Isn't snapping pictures fun?

Sarah said...

I think that's the one I have too and I LOVE it! Enjoy!

Carol Browne said...

Huzzah! Great camera...can't wait to see the great shots.

Oh, Whisky, are you ready for your close up?

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