Sunday, December 21, 2008

Really QVC?

Well, I've done it again....I've shopped on QVC for Christmas. Last year it felt a little more acceptable since I was stuck on the sofa and couldn't drive anywhere. My excuse this year is simply Easy Pay! When you can make 5 payments with no interest AND get the item right away, it's just so enticing. Especially on the larger ticket purchases that would be hard to fork over the dough for all at once. The most recent purchase is what I would like to call a "family" Christmas present. Where family means I am going to use it all the time. I've even signed up for some classes to learn how to use it to its capacity! I know you have already figured out what it is, but the hubby knows nothing about it...and doesn't read the we'll just keep this between you and I. Oh, and please keep your fingers crossed that it arrives before Christmas.

1 comment:

Queen Bea said...

Well, they've got all sorts of big ticket itams--TVs, camcorders, fitness equipment--but I can't think of anything that you need a class to use! You've officially stumped the Queen! :-)


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