Monday, December 08, 2008

Kickin It

I'm not a big put your dog in clothing type of person. I mean, I see little dogs with jackets or sweaters and I'm cool with it but have never really dressed my dogs up. I know, we saw Whisky in a devil costume but I only put it on him for the shot and then took it off. I just always feel like they look so humiliated. Hats on the other hand I looove putting on dogs. They never stay on long, but look soo cute. Maybe it's cause I like hats myself? Who knows. We do this to our newphew dogs up North but so far haven't been able to pull one off on Whisky. Until yesterday! You have to admit, Whisky looks adorable in my knit hat!!


Rain said...


Sarah said...

You know I'm not much of a dog person, but that's pretty cute. I love the hat too! Great colors.


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