Monday, December 01, 2008

It's a gem!

Every once in a while when I go to the thrift store I find something absolutely ridiculous that I just can't pass up. On a recent trip I was checking out the Christmas items and spotted this

There is nothing better than do it yourself Christmas decorations from 1981 that are still in their original packaging! Who does this?! I always rip into stuff right away. Not this person. They stuck it in a box somewhere and 27 years later decided it was time to get rid of it cause they just weren't ever going to get around to making this beauty. What makes it even better is the original price tag from GEMCO is still on it! For those that don't know GEMCO, it was kind of like a target only sucky and had groceries. This cost $1.08 back then, and in the past 27 years has gone down in value to a mere 69 cents. Man, my 401K has gone down in value more than that in the last three months!

Here is where it gets good. One of you lucky readers can win this item! Not only will you get this, but you will also get a special Christmas treat. Maybe a gift card, maybe a lump of will only really know if you enter. So help celebrate Christmas at PillsPlace by leaving a comment letting me know that you will make the reindeer ornaments and a winner will be chosen at random this Sunday, December 7th. I want to be sure you have enough time to make these and put them out for Christmas of course!


Sprout said...

You know I'll make them. Just like when I was a kid. I've got a new house and and am in need of Christmas decor from 1981. Hope I win!

Kristin said...

Um, these are classic. In fact, a very similar homemade reindeer gem hangs on our family tree in Sactown. if i am LUCKY enough to win, i promise to assemble these beauties with as much holiday enthusiasm and merriment as santa's head elf makes her toys and i will forever think of you and gemco when i see them on my tree each year.

Debbie said...

WOW! Awesome find. I love it when I find something untouched. I think my best friend and I would have a good laugh making these together, although I can't guarantee that they would be assembled this year as business is keeping me busy, but there's always next year, right?

Rain said...

OMG! This is too good to pass up! Not only is this from the year I was born, but my mom use to work at Gemco! I have some vague memories of going there with my sister & my cousin around Christmastime! I promise if I win, I'll make them this year with my niece & blog about it! ;)

Liz said...

That is too fun!!!

Carol Browne said...

LOLLERSKATES! That has certainly survived the test of time. I think whoever wins it should deliberately make the decorations look worse than they way they are presented on the package.

Wait. Is that even possible?

Nicole said...

GEMCO..that's awesome...that's really taking it back to my childhood!

I'd love those for my mantal and you know my kids will love them even more!


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