Saturday, December 06, 2008


Indie Sacramento was today and it was amazing! It is also now official that I will be knitting one item per day for the next 14-16 days. I had more custom orders at the show and aside from typing this blog post my hands are almost constantly knitting. That means, you will get blog posts about how knitting is going for the next 14-16 days...wooo hoo!

In addition, the scarfettes became famous today when they were shown on Good Day Sacramento! Yeah, I'm there too but we're just going to pretend that it is someone else telling you about it.

Needless to say the event was awesome, people came out by the hundreds and I pocketed some pretty good cash in my pre-blistered and cramping fingers! Thanks for all the support and we look forward to seeing you all next month.


Carol Browne said...

Yay! Way to go with the Scarfettes!! I guess you don't really need full scarves in California, do you?

Sarah said...

Wow That's great! you looked awesome and were very eloquent!

johnna said...

You have no idea how cutting edge you are! I just saw something very much like your scarfette in the German fashion magazine,"Brigette", which is kind of like Marie Claire. It was bit more oversized and had crazy intricate cabling, but it was definitely a scarfette! Can't wait to make one for myself!

Congrats, BTW, on the press coverage. :-)

Rain said...

Yes, Indie Sac Rocked!!!


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