Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Handmade Holiday

Now that I have finished my shopping I'm happy to say that I stuck with my handmade holiday goal. Over 50% of the gifts that I gave this year were either made by me or handmade by someone local. Now that gifts are in people's mitts we can start talking about a couple of my favorites.

For starters, everyone got something handmade by me. I decided that instead of wrapping gifts this year everyone would get their gift in a recycled t-shirt bag.

I got the idea from Martha and I have to say it was a blast! This might happen every year going forward. For starters we didn't have a ton of wrapping paper to throw out. It was also a blast trying to find t-shirts and matching them up to people's personalities. Super fun!

Another gift that I made this year was bird feeders.

These are made using stair rail posts and tea cup and saucer sets. This was a combined effort with the hubby and I because he was in charge of sanding down the posts to make sure they could be stuck in the ground. I know if I was a bird I would feel proud to eat out of one of these beauties!

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Carol Browne said...

Great ideas! The birdfeeders are awesome. Nice work.


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