Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feed Bell!

If you haven't had a chance to make a recipe on Cowgirls and Cupcakes you are really missing out on something special! Kim and Debie post some delicious stuff on this site. I'm currently addicted to Mike and Deb's Beer Chili and am making it for the second time today. When you make this chili...make sure that you have people coming over because it makes a TON! You can feed an army with this recipe. The good thing is if you have leftovers you can portion it up, freeze it and always have some chili on hand. The other good thing is I get to break out my gigantic pot that I got for my wedding.

Trust me...this pot is huge! There's just something about cooking it in that lets you know there is some down home cooking about to happen!


Cowgirls and Cupcakes said...

Hey Stace,

Thanks for the nice post. We will be starting fresh with some new recipes today. Mike is thrilled that you loved the chili!

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