Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I've been really trying to craft as much as I can lately. I'm still determined to make alot of my Christmas presents or at the very least buy handmade. I'm knitting like crazy with the scarfette sales on Etsy. It's not too late to order yours in time for the holidays! I've also been working on some new items using the sewing machine. The first thing I've been playing with is felting old wool sweaters. Probably the hardest part is finding nice wool sweaters at the thrift stores! I found a couple and took a shot at some mittens. They are very boring, but came out ok for a first try.

They need to be jazzed up for sure! They are even funnier looking when you take them off because they look like lobster claws. I really wanted more fitted mittens and apparently the sacrifice is ridiculous looking mittens when they aren't on your hands.

The second thing I've been really into are vintage ties. I tried making business card holders and FAILED MISERABLY! Man, I'm just not good enough to tackle that yet. So, then I moved onto wrist cuffs. I was much better at those!

I bought a HUGE case of ties on Ebay so I'll definitely be making more of these. I'd like to make some for the show this weekend, but feel like I have enough on my plate right now! Don't forget to come to IndieSac on Saturday where you can check out all my ridiculous lobster claw creations!

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Wendy G said...

Hey! That bracelet looks awfully familiar! I think I wore one just like it yesterday....


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