Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When life hands you lemons...

Sometimes something bad happens and it really sucks. It makes you angry and you stomp around and pout and wish that you could throw something. Then suddenly the new fridge arrives and you realize, "Hey, I really like this new fridge....thank you fridge gods for letting my old fridge crap out!"
OK, so maybe for you it isn't a fridge but you get where I'm coming from. The new fridge was installed yesterday and I absolutely love it! It has so much more space and I can actually see what is in the freezer. There is also water and ice on the outside. Here I thought it was a big deal when the hubby installed the ice maker. Now I not only have ice, but I have CRUSHED ice! Oh man, there is nothing better than crushed ice in a soda. I also really dig the black color. It definitely stands out and I find myself walking into the kitchen and thinking "Whoa, there's the fridge," but I think I'll get used to it. Now, if I could only feel the same about my camera as I do about my fridge. I guess perhaps I will once I get a new camera!

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