Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well, the turkey festivities went off without a hitch. The food was excellent if I do say so myself. I have firmly decided that any recipe you find on the Pioneer Woman will make people want to give you hugs and tell you how wonderful you are. The pecan pie was heavenly and one of Bill's friends literally ate half of the pie! It was just all delicious and went off perfectly. As for the rest of the weekend I can't so that went as smoothly. It started with a busted camera. I dropped my camera in the kitchen while trying to take pictures of delicious pies, but my fingers were probably too covered in butter. The lense was out and when the camera hit the floor the lense popped off. I tried taking it in and was told it would cost more to repair than it would to get a new camera. So, now I need to add a camera to my Christmas list. Anyone have any good recommendations for a good digi??

The weekend ended with a busted fridge! Why things have to go from perfect pies to busted refrigerators is beyond me. Out we headed on Sunday to shop for a new fridge. We decided on this sub zero one:

Hahahahah! Yeah right! This thing probably costs as much as my car AND would take up at least a third of my kitchen. The only chances of me ever scoring something like this would be to be given it on Oprah's Favorite Things show and the chances of that are slim! We actually went with a nice side by side fridge/freezer in black. We thought the black would make it look more classy. Actually we went with the black because it was the one that was on sale! It is bigger than our current non working fridge and has an ice maker AND a water dispenser. We're really moving up in the world.


Peptogirl said...

You're making my mouth water! Have you seen her recipe for Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake? I really want to make this!!!

Carol Browne said...

I was a bit confused with your Thanksgiving party. I checked my calendar and it definitely says this Thursday is American Thanksgiving. The Pioneer Woman's recipes that I've tried have been great so far (with one exception, but we both felt the same way about marmalade.)

Happy new fridge! And happy new camera - I'd be very sad without my Nikon D40X. They have now discontinued it, but the newer version is the Nikon D60.


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