Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sew cute!

A while back I picked up this old belt at a garage sale. The belt fit around my thigh so I knew it wouldn't work, but it had a great buckle that I was certain I could do something with. A while after that I discovered these wrist cuffs online made out of old neck ties. My mom bought me a neck tie and I've been hanging onto it until I figured out the sewing machine. Yesterday I got the brilliant idea to take the neck tie and the belt buckle and turn it into a new and improved belt!

How awesome is that?! I'm super happy with how it came out and even more proud that I figured out how to sew button holes.


Carol Browne said...

Oh sweet! That little owl is very cute. What a great idea! And a great way to re-use a tie.

Rain said...

That is sooo cute! I love the owl!

Sarah said...

That's adorable and I love the tie!

Peptogirl said...

Cute! That belt buckle is awesome!!!

jen said...

oh that is too cute! love it!

Happy NaBlo... Look forward to "getting to know ya!"


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